Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wind! Always Rowing Against the Wind! By Angela via Deb June 19, 2010

Angela and her parents, Ron and Betty Madsen in Hawaii
Wind! Always Rowing Against the Wind!

By Deb for Angela June 19, 2010

Angela called me from the All Roads Communications Satellite phone this morning to report that they were sitting on anchor in 20-25 knot winds. They could not make any progress when they tried to row, so they anchored. They are also without cell phone service where they are on anchor. They have not seen much in the way of sea life today. She did see a seal. He seemed to look at them as if they were crazy for being out in the wind.

The Haigh Lyon SeaGals change watches whilst they are on anchor. There is not enough room in the cabin for two people to sleep at a time; two are on deck and one in each of the respective cabins. On RowofLife, there is enough room for people to sleep on the deck, but on Go Commando, there is no deck space big enough to sleep in.

They also do chores whilst they are on anchor. They make water, wash clothes, and fix things they have broken. When they were on anchor and had cell phone service, Angela actually checked all her email, called people and checked her facebook.

Angela would like to wish her father, Ron Madsen a Happy Father’s Day.

Ronald Madsen Hanging Loose in Hawaii


2mnichols said...

Hello Angela So Frank want's to know why they didn't go in the opposite direction and then the wind would be at their back? Good luck and may you be rowing again soon Marian

Connie Baker said...

I haven't seen your Dad since he worked at Eastgate Ford...He looks good & looks like he was having a great time in Hawaii!

Winn said...

Great stuff Angela!!

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