Friday, June 11, 2010

Bel Says Something Nice About Angela

BLOG from Belinda Kirk skipper of the Seagals on Go Commando

Captain Kirk's log 11th June 2100hrs

50*14.071n 005*24.605w

Currently sat in beautiful St Ives bay with the sun setting over the sea. So idyllic. This has been one of the best days and we were expecting it to be one of the worst.

It’s amazing how things can change so rapidly. Having thought we were stranded at Land’s End for maybe another two days suddenly a window in the weather opened up this morning and we grabbed it. 36 hrs off the oars meant the crew were rested and were ready to go!

After we negotiated Longships and Brisons rocks at Land’s End we rocketed along the stunning Cornish coastline. The headwind was still making life difficult for us but it was manageable and with the tide we got up to 4 knots!

The sun was shining and the coast so stunning that fighting the 15ft waves rodeo style was a total pleasure. I absolutely love rodeo riding those waves!

St Ives is such a special place. It’s such a perfect chocolate box bay you almost can't believe it’s real. Artists flock here to soak up the views and the special 'St Ives light'. We spotted the St Ives Tate gallery overlooking the bay.

We're now on anchor waiting for the tide to change back in our favour. We'll leave at midnight and row til 6/7am hopefully ending up at Padstow for tea and breakfast and a final look at the weather so we can finalize our route to South Wales...

Nb we are finding our niches on the boat. Everyone is indispensable. I'm absolutely loving navigating and planning the routes using the tides and weather. Bev and Laura take it turn as the 2ic navigator discussing our route and improving on it.

Angela is the powerhouse on the oars and she's Mrs Fix it. She's amazing and can pull apart and put back together everything on the boat. Yesterday she sorted the electrics, today the watermaker.

Laura continues to hope for strange medical ailments she can 'have a go at' and Bev is keeping us all sensible and on the straight and narrow.

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