Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ocean Rowing Potty Palace by Angela via Deb June 20

Ocean Rowing Potty Palace

By Deb for Angela June 20, 2010

I have received many inquiries about the rowers go to the bathroom whilst they are on the ocean rowing boat. There is no toilet on the boat. This is the number one question we get when we are doing presentations at schools. The answer is “bucket and chuck it”. There is a bucket that is on the deck and is tethered (or at least it should be) to the boat. When the bucket is your toilet and you lose it, that is not good.

The boys on Ocean Rowing boats often use a pee bottle, for that part of it, but it is more difficult for women. Angela has tried a variety of things that would equal the pee bottle, but has not been very successful. The closest thing she found was plastic pitcher. Lesson number one, if you see what appears to be a water bottle, don’t assume it is.

On Angela’s Indian Ocean crossing, Pirate Row, she started a little game with the bucket. They tried to see who could stay on the bucket longest, in the roughest conditions. She had a formula based on the speed of the boat, and height of the wave. The winner was Helen Taylor. Some cried foul as Helen had more practice than others did, but she had the best score.

The bucket is not always glamour…..Here is a mishap from the May 17, 2009 blog on Pirate Row. Angela “told me that she fell into the potty bucket and got stuck. She described herself as looking like a scoop of ice cream in a bucket cone. That brings to mind an image that I could probably create in Photoshop, but won't. So the state of the potty bucket on Audeamus is not great at the moment; even after they were able to pull her to safety from her bucket cone.”

Angela’s favorite bucket move is tossing its contents at a shark and saying, “Eat S*** and Die!” Now you know just how boring being on an ocean rowing boat can be.

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