Saturday, June 12, 2010

SeaGal Beverley's Blog June 12

BLOG from Bev of the Seagals on Go Commando

14.47hrs Saturday 12 June

The winds have been against us now for a week, though they're dying down today we hear that by Monday they'll be stronger again. Rowing into the wind is exhausting, making every stroke heavier and more difficult to control.

A month ago, when I joined the Seagals, I asked Angela what rowing on the sea was like as I'd never done it before. "Have you ever tried rowing while surfing on a mechanical bull?" she asked. I didn't quite understand but I do now, it's like riding a rickety roller coaster backwards so you don't know what's coming next. Sometimes it's an absolute blast; sometimes you just want it to stop. If someone could replicate this as a ride I think it would sell.

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