Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Approaching Isle of Man by Laura June 22

BLOG from Laura on Go Commando approaching the Isle of Man

June 22 07.15

There have been some tough times during the past 3 weeks at sea. Spending 24 hours a day in cramped confines has made things tense between the crew. We continually rally together and have a laugh to raise our spirits but at times when huge waves have pummelled our boat during the night, the last ounce of humour is drained from us. However, the darkness of night only lasts a few hours and out of the gloom rises some magnificent sunrises that seem to wash away anxieties and bring a fresh outlook to the day.

The breath-taking sunset pictured here was taken on our way to the Isle of White, the morning that the wind direction changed in our favour and we began to finally pick up pace again. With the weather on our side we are more determined than ever to make some good progress in the second half of our journey and make a speedy route home to our loved ones.

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Connie Baker said...

You all are very brave women! The photo is just BEAUTIFUL! Hang in there and Be Safe!

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