Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bel's blog June 12 1800hrs

Capt Kirk's log 12th June: Exhausted in Newquay

1800hrs @ 50*22.504n 005*13.013

Spent last night and this afternoon fighting those darned northerly winds again. We knew it would be hard but its harder - demoralizing and energy sapping. I suppose at least the sun is shining and we've got the gorgeous cornish coast to look at.... Tonight we need to make the decision of whether to head north now away from ornwall and break out to sea and to south Wales or to find refuge and sit out the impending storm due Sunday night. Everyone is tired so waiting it out is an option but there is a calm before the storm - a weather window of 12/14 hrs that could get us to milford haven - missing it will cost us days. Right, back to the oars...

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