Monday, June 21, 2010

Mystical,Magic Unicorns and Dreams of 80-mile Days by Angela June 21

BLOG from Angela Madsen on Go Commando

June 21 14.25

Mystical, magic unicorns and dreams of 80-mile days.
Blog Called into Race Media Person, Mike Ridley, by Angela

Life on Go Commando is good at the moment.  We’re getting on well and I’m really getting to know Laura and Bev, who have the front cabin. They both have a great sense of humour.

After days of frustration sat at anchor in northerly headwinds, the wind has dropped and we can start to row for long periods.  If you look at our track on the interactive map on the website, you might wonder why we appear to be zig-zagging across the Irish Sea. The answer is that the tides here run from east to west and we’re taking advantage of them, rather than spend any more time at anchor.  And we’re just where we want to be on the western side of the Isle of Man, the perfect position to head for Scotland.

The wind has dropped and it’s so hot in the sun. We normally row two hours on-two hours off during the day and in three-hour shifts at night.  But without the wind to cool us down, we’re thinking about switching to one-hour shifts during the heat of the day so we get a chance of shade in the cabin.  We’re all waiting for the wind to flip direction to a southerly, which will be behind us as we go north to Scotland.  Then it will be back to following winds and seas, mystical, magic unicorns… and dreams of 80-mile days, when we can start to make up for all the time we’ve spent at anchor.

I’m also thinking of my dear Dad, who hasn’t been too well lately, who’s following our every move on the websites…

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Connie Baker said...

Glad you girls are well...Keep On A Rowin!!...Angie, I hope that your Dad is feeling better!

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