Sunday, June 13, 2010

Belinda Blog June 13 16:35

BLOG from Belinda Kirk, Seagals skipper on Go Commando

16.35 hrs Sunday 13 June

In a phone conversation with Virgin GB Row’s race director, Chris Usborne, Belinda revealed that the Seagals were involved in a second race…against time.

Rowing at an incredible speed of almost five miles an hour, the Seagals, are off the spectacular Hartland Peninsula in north Devon but they have no time to appreciate the view.

They are racing ahead of an incoming storm and hoping to reach the River Torridge near Bideford, where they can anchor and shelter from the strong northerly winds that are forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Belinda told Chris: “If we don’t make it, we’ll anchor out at sea to avoid any danger of being washed ashore but we expect it will be a bumpy night!”

The Seagals also won't be able to watch their appearance on BBC 1 tonight on Countryfile 7.30pm.

Belinda also sent this photo, especially for her mum.

As skipper and camera expert,

Belinda takes many of the on-board photos from the all-girl crew, so her mum has very few shots of Bel rowing…so we’re happy to oblige!

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