Saturday, June 23, 2012

OOPPS! Anti Doping FAIL. by Angela

The world record for Women’s class 56 is back to German thrower temporarily. A change in my prescribed pain meds caused a doping violation with the World Anti-Doping agency so my last 2 meets have been sanctioned. I have resolved all my USADA issues and am good to go for Paralympic trials June 28-July 1 in Indianapolis Indiana. 

So my friends please don’t be getting panties twisted or cry fowl. Ultimately it is the athlete responsibility to make sure all of the required paperwork is done promptly and properly. If I or any athlete has difficulty reading and understanding something because of poor vision or like me with my Myasthenia Gravis and does not completely understand it they/ I should ask for help. It’s not like I am surrounded by illiterate people. Most of the reason why I am successful at what I do is because I take responsibility for my actions or inactions. The process of filing for a Therapeutic Use Exemption form which allows athletes to take prescribed medications was rushed through for me before Para Pan American Games so what I did not understand was that it would not cover any changes made until after I received the violation. The Punishment fit the violation and it is done.
Now I am all squared away and ready to compete again. 

Not all doping violations are trying to cheat or enhance performance and some are just honest mistakes with real life issues for athletes with disabilities. Most people do not know that Paralympics is the top level and world stage for athletes with disabilities just like the Olympics. We all train and work hard and we all blog and talk about our achievements and not some of the other aspects of sport at that level. So FYI we go through the same testing and reporting procedures as athletes fill out all of the same paper work and have all of the same responsibilities and duties as Olympic athletes. When we get to London we compete in the same venues, stay in the same athlete housing and compete against all the same nations top athletes. It is the world stage and it is a great honor to represent the USA at both the Paralympic and Olympic level. 

Olympic day is coming up on June 23 so I just received my video and speakers information pack for some events I am attending and I am realizing that I have made another mistake. At Parapans I did not shake a few people’s hands including an official because I had something on my hand. After watching the Kick boxing I now realized that I could have easily bowed. It never occurred to me at the time that I could have issued a respectful bow instead. I always teach in rowing “it is not about not making mistakes; it is about recovering from them gracefully”, Next time I will bow. 52 and still learning!

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