Thursday, July 1, 2010

Medical bulletin from nurse Laura Thomasson on Go Commando 7 1

Medical bulletin from nurse Laura Thomasson on Go Commando

05.15 July 1

After four weeks at sea you can imagine that the medical issues on the boat have been varied and sometimes a bit of a challenge for me as the medic, but as you know I like a good challenge!

Initial blisters on hands and heels have now hardened up, although the 'claw hand' effect has provided constant pain for the crew, for some more than others.

We use anti-inflammatory tablets and gels to improve the range of movement in our hands and to reduce swelling and pain, but after sleeping we have found that our hands seize up and it can make little tasks like doing up zips and grasping the oars painful until our hands warm up.

I'm not embarrassed to tell you that my bottom has been particularly sore, not helped by my personal padding gradually wasting away!

Luckily, Angela has been able to provide me with some brilliant antibiotic powder that has helped to heal my poor bottom and I feel that it has literally saved my ass!

Some crew members are suffering from bottom problems of another type, while the rest of the crew suffer the after effects of the noxious fumes wafting passed!

Angela affectionately names them 'barking spiders' while I am genuinely worried about their insides.

Now that I have let you all know the secret behind our new record breaking speed I better go, but please be assured that despite general wear and tear we are all holding up well and battling on, determined to come home and get some well-earned rest.

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