Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Don't Like Open Water by Beverley Ashton July 6

Blog from Beverley Ashton on Go Commando
off the coast of Angus.

July 6

It may sound a little odd, but I've never been that taken with the sea; in fact I don't like the open water at all. So what am I doing rowing around Britain?

It's partly due to the above that I've taken on the challenge, to confront one of my personal insecurities.

This race is a huge test of physical and mental endurance and I want to see if I'm strong enough to see it through. So far it's going well, it's been very tough at times but not once have I felt I couldn't do this.

Without doubt the hardest aspect is the mental challenge, sure 12hrs of rowing a day is a physical test but it becomes a manageable, known quantity.

Mentally there is a lot more to take on, the uncertainty of how long you'll be out here for, being confined to such minimal space, no personal space, constantly on top of others and little contact with the outside world; in addition to these, for me, the fact I find the open water an uncomfortable place to be. With the recent high winds and bad sea conditions I've really tested myself.

I'm proud of myself and the crew for how well we've coped.

The challenge has been even greater than any of us expected and we still have a fair stretch to go.

Rumour has it that weather will be more favourable by the end of the week so hopefully we'll be home soon.


Anonymous said...

A number of people have posted parts of this blog on their FB Profilkes because they found it inspiring.

debmole said...

I find Beverley very inspiring. She is a real rock on that boat. She is smart, a solid, honorable person and an excellent rower. I was so happy when she was rowing with Angela because she sent me pictures and information about the row. Sometimes Angela is not the best at keeping me informed. I am so happy others have been inspired by her as I have. Thanks for the comment.

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