Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Flare Guns do Kick by Angela, July 13

Flare Guns do Kick by Angela

July 13, 2010

In the middle of the night on July 13, 2010, Angela and Laura took to the oars. They requested Bel give them the VHF Radio and turn on the SeaMe. Just after the start of their shift, they called the Coast Guard to advise that there was a big ship headed toward them. They were able to get the ship to change course. Shortly after that, there was another big ship headed toward them. They again called the Coast Guard who contacted the ship. That ship’s captain had some difficulty understanding what the Coast Guard was saying. They said they could not see Go Commando and they kept on their collision course. Angela reached for the flare gun and shot up a white, anti-collision, flare. She heard the ship’s captain tell the coast guard they had seen the flare and were changing course. Angela said it was the closest call with a big ship in all of her 166 days at sea in 3 ocean crossings.

There was a casualty of the encounter. When Angela shot the flare gun, it had a big kick. She has a large cut on her hand, broke her left index finger, and other bones in her hand. Apparently, her homecoming on Tuesday will include a visit to her favorite doctor, Dr. G, at the Long Beach Veteran’s Hospital. So if you see Angela trying to make her way around London pushing her chair with one hand, give her some kindness.


Anonymous said...

Angela, take extra care of that hand! Don't make matters worse with it. Does it truly look like Tuesday will be the finish? I hope and pray it is true! We are still watching and waiting to see you with Lots of Luv , Jack & Hillary

Anonymous said...

Angie, you are the most incredible person it's ever been my pleasure and honor, to know. You take courage and stoicism to an awesome new level.
So now you wanna add pistol packin' to your long list of accomplishments, is it? Well, I guess it was just a matter of time before you ran out of Oceans to cross and I guess running with the Bulls IS only once a year, so...
Just be careful with that other hand now, ya gotta have at least one to wrestle that last piece o' Thai pizza ahead o' me!!!
God Bless and God's speed back to the States!
All the Best to you-Kathy Newman

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Elie said...

Hi Angela, I wish you were back home so you can try our DRUG FREE pain patches. Also, carnosine patches will help you heal fast.

God Bless,


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