Monday, July 5, 2010

Bel's Perspective Part 2

4th July (Part 2)

1600hrs: Rogue wave in Bullers of Buchan

Time for me and Bev to swap. I'm already on deck looking at the bird nurseries and the crowds of baby birds taking refuge in our little bay.

Bev's awake and she and Laura chat at the entrance to their cabin as she climbs out.......and then from nowhere we are hit by a wall of water. The deck is awash with water up to our knees.

I hear the girls calling.....The bow cabin is swamped... I start passing jugs and sponges forward.

Bev and Laura bail jugs of water out of the cabin. All their stuff is wet but more dangerous is that the cabin and deck are flooded. I get the bilge pump on to drain the deck. Laura and Bev keep on at their cabin.

A rogue wave must have hit us. As well as flooding us it felt like the boat was pushed over almost on its side, thankfully all three of us held on and Angela is safely inside.

Poor Laura gets seasick again though. We hang sleeping bag and kit out to dry on deck once the majority of the water is bailed out then Laura shrieks.

The wave must have dislodged our anchor and we have drifted towards some rocks. We are almost on top of them.

Laura and Angela row like crazy away from them, Bev lifts the rest of the anchor. I come out of the cabin to find frenetic activity and shouts of 'Belinda'.

We drop the anchor again at a safe distance. That was a bit too close for any of us.

The cold and the swell finally takes its toll on poor Laura- her seasickness comes on again finally the storm dies down and water settles.

We all try to get some rest. I give Laura and Bev my sleeping bag which I feel a little self conscious, might smell, no one has washed properly for over a month and my sleeping bag has gotten damp from wet weather gear and condensation - everything smells a bit of mildew - and probably everyone does.

Thankfully though we are all safe and can have a dry sleep. Now the wind is dropping we can go as soon as the tide comes about....I think we’ll all enjoy getting out of here.

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