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Where is Angela Now? by Debbie

Where’s Angela Now ?……by Debbie

Where is Angela? Angela left Philadelphia, PA on Friday, 8/29/08 for the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She went through processing there and will be headed for the airport at 1am Colorado time on 08/31/08 with the other USA Paralympic athletes. They will be headed to Beijing at 6am 8/31/08. Opening ceremonies will be 09/06/08. The rowing events will happen on 09/09 to 09/11/08. The rowing team returns to the US on 09/19/08. Angela is returning to Philly to get her car and driving back to California (If she remembers where it is. West, Miss Madsen, West.)

Viewing of the Paralympics. It looks like at this point, the best place to see the Paralympics is on They also have a YouTube channel with Paralympic athletes videos. I have requested that rowoflife be added and also my new video of Angela and Scott rowing on the Schuylkill River in PA. Universal Sports is also supposed to broadcast some of the Paralympics.

What is processing or I didn’t know they made hot dogs at the Olympic Training Center: The two days at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado were spent getting training on culture and customs and getting their gear. They have parade gear and their unisuits. For many of you the burning question is for the first time in 7 years….did they get a unisuit that fits Angela properly? NO. They did find a men’s extra large which fits better than the woman’s suit she had a first. She reports armpit bruises, but at least she can move her arms. The other burning question…..Has Angela says she has learned how to say she is not guilty or it is not her fault in Chinese? She says that she did, but she was not able to come up with the whole phrase for me on the phone, so let’s just hope she listened to her customs and culture training and does not end up getting arrested. Or at least if she is arrested it is by someone who speaks one of the 7 or so languages she can say it in. The paralympic team has been limited as to what they can say in blogs, so I hope you enjoyed your last two burning questions for awhile.

Row or Blow: Scott and Angela are ready to ROW! I watched them improve greatly during the 2+ months that Angela has been in Philly. They were rowing twice a day and going to the Gym 5 days a week and rowing once a day on the weekends. They look like a team of elite athletes. Check out the Bayada Regatta race on YouTube once I get it up. They are so in sync they were dressing alike and finishing each others’ sentences by the end of the last week. Their times have been amazing. I see medals in their future. Angela and I looked at them on the computer and she was particularly fond of the Gold one.

Blog: I hope to update you guys all as I get information, but my plans and what actually happens may be different. Angela should be able to get her email while she is in Beijing, and so send emails to support to


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