Friday, August 15, 2008

Paralympic Training by Angela

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So training is going well. I want to thank and acknowledge those who have stepped up to the plate and supported our boat. We are the USA TA2X which is comprised of Scott Brown USA and Angela Madsen USA. I wished I had gone to this gym a lot sooner but I was busy trying to find a place to live. It is better late than never though and finally we are training like elite athletes. I had mentioned that we now had a trainer and a gym but did not disclose any details of how that came to be. My roommate Michelle and I were headed down the street and I saw a woman who looked like a trainer and looked like she had just come from the gym just down the street. I actually stopped her and asked if she knew where the accessible entrance was, or if there even was one at that particular health club. She did not know but actually took the time to walk back to the gym with us to inquire. She came out with a health club employee and we were shown the accessible entrance. I shared some of my story with her and she took great interest in helping us out. She volunteered to work with us as a trainer and if everything else had not worked out the way it had, we would have taken her up on her offer. If anyone wants to give her a shout out her name is Debbie Schafer. She is a local artist here in Philadelphia. Her website is e-mail
I had the pleasure of spending a little bit of time with her and shared more of the Rowoflife journey with her. I watched a video of her doing performance art. She is an awesome artist.
Once inside the gym I met with Irene Trantas, fitness service manager. I told her about the lack of professional training opportunities for elite Paralympic athletes in our sport and about our lack of funding and support. I cannot speak about other Paralympic sports. I only know what's going on in Adaptive rowing. She immediately met with management at the Philadelphia Sports clubs and got us each a months membership and a trainer. Irene also deserves a big shout out. I want to encourage everyone to drop these folks a line thanking them for there support. E-mail
I don't want to talk about the ones who couldn't step up and make these essentials happen for us but I do want to make sure we recognize the ones who have.
Fran Fulton from Liberty Resources. took me in for a couple of days and helped me find a place to live.
Michelle McCandless my roommate. Michelle is going into the hospital for surgery on the 19th. Please put her on your prayer lists.
Then there are the volunteers at PRPD Philadelphia Rowing Program for Disabled and Jeff Mcginess who help us boat out 2 times per day.
The carousel house where I volunteered during the day between rowing sessions is a pretty cool place to hang with the kids. Working the kids camps was a lot of fun. It was time well spent the kids are awesome. I think my favorite part was the talent show at the end of the week. Hanging with the kids, staff and volunteers made being so far from home much more tolerable. e-mail
I have presented and spoken to a few groups and schools in the local area.
I actually was on my way to a gig in New Jersey. I got part way there and realized it was the wrong day. I pulled into a Famous Dave's BBQ and decided to eat lunch. It was there that I met a photo journalism student named Kate Ruch. I shared my story with her and she volunteered her service. We have had a couple of sessions at the boathouse and the gym. E-mail
I know I usually blog about rigging details and about our times and more detailed workouts but I have to say, this Paralympic years blogs will not have such content. We are running silent and secret. We don't want to disclose too much info. For my friends who are worried I will row the Indian Ocean after Beijing I will disclose that I have ordered and received a great circle navigation chart of the Indian Ocean should I need it in the future!

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