Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Race Results by Angela

AdaptiveRowing] Go Scott & Angela!!
Debbie Arenberg
Congratulations to Scott & Angela in their blazing Philadelphia Quaker City masters race this past weekend. Note their actual water finish times!! Yahoo!! Race 37, Mixed D-H 2x F/G Event 18 Final Water Water Place Lane Name Team Time Split Place Time 1 3 Redford Sargent Fairmount RA 4:04.36 1 4:37.26 2 2 Merry Jones Vesper BC B 4:11.90 7.54 2 4:39.3 1 Angela & Scott PRPD 4:16.87 12.51 4 4:48.07 4 4 Patrice Glover Swan Creek RC 4:17.84 13.48 3 4:47.44
In a field of able body rowers we did OK but we made a ton of mistakes and are not all that happy with this but that is why I am here. We have about one month more to train before going to Bejing. I worked yesterday on trying to find a gym and a trainer for us and may have come up with something? 24 hour fitness is one of US Rowings sponsors but they do not have a club within 50 miles of here. My training Stipen has pretty much already been spent on travel expenses and rent so there is really no money left over for anything else. Hmmm? roof over my head or gym & personal training? I am going with the roof and since I have already paid rent and parking upfront there really is no going back to the streets. No refunds! I am hoping to get a break and work a deal at a local fitness center that is located right next to the building where I am staying. I am not sure what anyone elses road to Beijing looks like but I can tell you mine is not paved.

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