Tuesday, January 1, 2008

RowofLife Surfing the Mid-Atlantic

RowofLife Surfing the Mid-Atlantic—01/01/08

RowofLife has hit the 1000 mile mark on Day 31 of the Atlantic Rowing Race. That just leaves about 1552 to go; No Problem! They are really turning it on now. They have increased their load to move along faster. They can’t make a full side because they lack legs. Franck has an infected stump and is not able to wear his prosthesis. Angela’s back is not exactly happy, but when is it ever. Atlantic Jack said in their blog “The next boat to catch is Angela & Frank(sic) in "Row of Life", this will be a tough one as although they only have one fully functional leg between the 2 of them, they are complete rowing animals. Atlantic Jack is moving at an unbelievable pace. I just wish we could figure out what is coming out of their water maker, so we could have some too. Maybe if they catch us, they will share the secret to their speed.

Surfing is Angela’s first love. On New Year’s Day she is usually out surfing in Huntington Beach with all her surfing buddies. She would like to thank all her surfing buddies, the Huntington Beach Long Board Crew, and the Surf Museum in Huntington Beach, for the support they have given her. Well what would New Years be without surfing? Well apparently the powers that be also thought Angela should surf today. The wind was blowing the wrong way today. The water was choppy and not good for rowing. Then it happened….the wind created big waves, excellent for Ocean Rowing Boat Surfing. Angela and Franck guided themselves with their oars and were able to catch a dozen or so good waves. They did not get long rides, but it was fun. Franck caught on to the English surf logo. Soon after the first wave, he kept asking if the next wave was a good one for surfing. We are going to work on him saying, “Dude.” Both Angela and Franck seemed exhilarated by their morning session of surfing the 2/3 meter waves. So, while the rowing completely sucked today….the surfing was EXCELLENT.

The weather has been very rough and the winds not good for rowing. They are hoping for the winds to start blowing back in the westerly direction so they can take advantage of the winds and the equatorial currents. It has been tough to make progress and Angela and Franck have been rowing together many hours a day. It has taken a physical toll, but their spirits remain high. I just found out at the beginning of the race Angela fell off her seat and bruised her back very badly on Franck’s foot stretchers. She was unable to do anything but crawl out onto the deck. She was not able to row. That was one of the reasons for their slow start. Also Franck was very sea sick at first and not able to row. So compared to the start, they are doing well now, but it is still not a picnic. They are trying to make sure they take the time to get rest so they can heal and stay healthy. It is a long race and they are ready for the long haul.

Angela is the Founder and Director of the California Adaptive Rowing Program in Long Beach, CA www.carplb.net . It is a free program where differently-abled people learn row with the help of dedicated volunteers. It is part Long Beach Rowing Association and they row out of the Pete Archer Rowing Center. Boy About Town, Patric, of Long Beach found out about the program and was very excited. He took the time to come down with his partner and 2 friends to check out the program on Saturday. He gave CARP a Super-Fabulous rating. Boy is amazing and so very funny! He wrote about it in his blog, which Angela found very entertaining when I read it to her. His blog is at http://fab-boy-about-town.blogspot.com/ and his visit to the rowing program is called “Boy gets a new outlook” http://fab-boy-about-town.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2007-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&updated-max=2008-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=21 . Vicki, Tom and the volunteers are doing a wonderful job with CARP. It is running as smoothly as ever and Angela is so proud. Angela and Franck called the dock while Boy was there and was able to talk to him as well as Vicki, Tom, Kurt, Ron, Nahu, Loren, Wanda, Christian and some others. The spirit of the CARPies filled Angela and Franck with new energy! They rowed 52 miles that day. Boy About Town is apparently well read and I have received many messages from people who found out about Row of Life from Boy’s Blog. Angela is looking forward to meeting Boy in person and doing some events together, when she returns. Boy also writes a weekly newsletter.

Keep the messages of support coming. I read them to Angela and Franck when I talk to them on the Satellite phone, and they need them now more than ever.





sageweb said...

Magnificent!!! Now I can comment and access you while I am at work.
Tell Angela I got my eye on her I check her progess everyday. Funny, I read where she used to surf on New Years Day, I wish I would have ran into her. I use to go out quite often. Have taken a break from surfing though. I use my crappy asthma as my excuse but after seeing Angela...I hang my head in shame. Tell her to keep on rowing...and rowing and rowing.

Boy About Town said...

yippie your here withus...poor thing doesn't know what she got herself into! make the rounds and commoent on everyones blog to show your here! yippie! LOVE the pics!

Kathy said...

great blog! good read with great photo's

sageweb said...

Oh my gosh...They did 59 miles yesterday! That is their best ever. So fabulous. Do I seem like a stalker?

Boy About Town said...

FYI-Sageweb is a shut in and her only contact with the world is these blogs...don't tell her I said that, she scares me a bit!

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