Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Green Sea Pringles

Green Sea Pringles

01/10/2008 (well that is when I started it) By Debbie-Land support

It is never good when an expensive Satellite phone call starts out, “Mommy Margo (my mother who went to La Gomera and helped pack the food for the trip) conspired with Franck to fill this boat with Junk Food!” Angela followed with a short rant providing evidence that there was a conspiracy but that it had now been foiled by the powers that be. That was followed by an evil laugh. Confused? Well I was. So I shall start from the beginning, which is what Angela did after I got her to stop laughing.

At the beginning of January, Franck had “cracked” the hatch for air and a large wave subsequently flooded the cabin. Angela had him take all the things out of the cabin and hung them to dry. The cabin was mopped up and all was well, or so it seemed….. Franck decided to get into his secret stash of Junk Food about a week later. Angela says that Franck and Mommy Margo, sneaked (actually I believe the word was conspired) a stash of junk food in one of the deck hatches in the cabin, without Angela’s knowledge. (It should be noted that my mom denies any knowledge of said junk food being placed in the deck hatch, further, she denies that she ever stepped foot on the boat.) Franck decided that he would break into to his stash, and much to his surprise the deck hatch had leaked. Boxes of Kleenex and Franck’s cookies, Pringles, etc. were soaked. Not recently, put them out to dry kind of soaked, but the green sea water mold soaked. Franck, desperate for junk food, decided that green mold with sea salt flavored Pringles, might just do the trick. The consensus on the new flavor…..Not Bad! Clearly they have been on the water too long.

On the upside….Angela says the boat is much lighter with the wet Kleenex and cardboard junk food cans gone.


Heather said...

I certainly hope you don't mean that will the kleenex boxes and cans gone that you are throwing them overboard. If you are shame on you! said...

No, they are very aware of not polluting. They pack out all of their trash. The pringles went over the side, but the kleenex and cardboard pringles cans were dried out and compressed in a ziplock trash bag. They are actually packing the trash all the way to the states, because they don't want to leave it on the island. It will all be recycled.

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