Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Piss On You

Piss on You

01/12/08—By Debbie, RowofLife Land Support

The clouds gathered over the RowofLife boat. Angela excited to get a shower, gathered her soap and shampoo and waited…….but it was not to happen. Barely enough water fell to get her wet. She pointed to the clouds and yelled, “Piss on you!” Franck, thinking Angela was teaching him some English, now points upward when he sees clouds and says, “Piss on you!”

Boy About Town was locked out of his blog for many days. Proving that a Boy without his blog is down, but not out, Boy created a new super fabulous website. Boy has done an amazing amount of footwork. He has generated more interest and gotten more publicity for RowofLife and CARP in a couple of weeks, than there has been in months. Thanks Patric!

I also wanted to send out a giant thanks to Julie at the UPS Store #5658 at 7th and Redondo in Long Beach, CA. Julie has helped RowofLife and CARP with printing, copying, shipping, banners, and moral support. She has risen to the occasion when our poor planning has created rush jobs for her. We couldn’t have done it without Julie!



3350 E 7TH ST

Phone: (562) 434-8595
Fax: (562) 434-8325

E-mail The UPS Store #5658


Boy About Town LB said...

63 miles yesterday!!! go girl! your new press release is almost ready!

Allen said...

Did I read on Boy's Blog just now that Deb is about to go meet Angla at the finish point already? said...

Yes, I am leaving on Saturday and will be in Antigua on the 30th of Jan. At this point, I am estimating that Angela and Franck will be into Antigua about the 3rd of Feb. We will be there until the 15th of Feb and then head home via Puerto Rico and Florida.

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