Sunday, April 4, 2010

Row Around Great Britain by Angela 2010 04 04

Round Great Britain Row by Angela

The Ocean Rowing Boat Rowoflife and I will be at the Abilities Expo in Los Angeles April 9-11
I will be presenting at the Amazing Leaders Paralympics conference in Colorado the end of April beginning of May then leave for England. All happened rather quickly...

I am going on another rowing trip 2,010 miles in 2010 Help for Heroes is the race charity.
GB Row 2010 -The Anglo American Challenge We are the Sea Gals, Press Release will be forthcoming. 2000 miles unsupported around Great Britain From the London Tower Bridge to the London Tower Bridge. I leave for England in May. Race starts June 1st and should take 30-45 days to complete. Anyone wanting to follow, support, endorse or promote this project can contact me in any of the following ways.

Angela Madsen Aka Msparasurfer on Skype Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and World Rowing Network
E-mail phone (562)505-4157

Why I participate in extreme rowing challenges

I want my 3 grand daughters, Cheyenne, Angel and Amanda to know that no matter how bad things can get, that they are not totally powerless and there are still choices to make. Situation and circumstance should never be allowed to dictate who we are and what we will be able to achieve in our lifetime. Allowing situation and circumstance to oppress us is a choice. I want them to be happy and successful, to dream big and set goals for themselves realizing possibilities and potential for success, being hopeful and willing to do what is necessary to achieve those goals. The best way I know how to do this is to make my life an example to them.

When I first learned of the sport of Ocean Rowing I was drawn to it. I knew I was going to row an ocean. I did not allow the situation of being a woman and a paraplegic stop me. I just had to work harder and work differently to achieve my goals. I love that there have been so many differences in the projects I have done thus far and that this project is also unlike the others. It is coastal rowing in an all women's crew. I am really looking forward to it.

To date my best ocean rowing experience has been the Atlantic. The Smaller boat with Franck was an awesome experience. The Larger boat with more people was not nearly as good. It would be difficult for anyone to be as good a rowing partner as Franck. I would not hesitate to row with Franck again if his wife would allow him to row. Actually I could think of a lot of men I would row with If I had the opportunity, like Orlando from Go Commando, guess it really comes down to the person and not the gender so much, but still really looking forward to rowing a non mixed gender crew.

Coastal rowing does offer a lot of different challenges than crossings, more difficulty at times with tides, currents, wind and traffic. I do some local coastal rowing in Southern California where it is warmer and the tides are about a third of what is measured in the region we will be rowing. I am grateful for the opportunity to add this experience to my repertoire of ocean rows.

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