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New Ocean Row, New Collegiate Adaptive Rowing and CARP

New Ocean Row Project, New Collegiate Adaptive Rowing and The California Adaptive Rowing Program by Angela

For those that don’t know me or those that want to know more about me I dedicate and donate my time and my finances, I volunteer! I am humble and don’t care to speak of myself or exclaim to the world all of my good works normally but today I am going to make an exception. The California Adaptive Rowing Program is mentioned in most of the Articles and mentioned in many interviews that I do. I started and run an Adaptive Rowing Program since 2000 at the Long Beach Rowing Association. It is a 501-C3 not for profit organization for people with any disability for the sport of rowing. I have managed to keep it free for participants so that struggling families of kids and people with disabilities can participate. Not all adaptive programs can do this. The Long Beach Rowing Association deserves a great deal of credit for this. I also can make that claim.

History of our rowing program

I was introduced to the sport of rowing through Casa Colina rehab center in Pomona, CA. I took to the sport naturally. I purchased a boat with a fixed seat and pontoons and approached the Long Beach Rowing Association about starting an adaptive rowing program. 1 boat, 1 rower in 1999. I began inviting my friends from the VA hospital to come out and try the sport. Kelly McCumiskey was the first and she helped out till she moved to Big Bear. The Long Beach Rowing Association donated some storage space in the enclosure for our boats and equipment. I purchased more equipment and began the long process of applying for our non profit status. Since it was just me, I had to enlist the help of two others to define the structure for the program. Willie and Arvis Ford stepped up to plate. I finalized the paperwork and we became The California Adaptive Rowing Program in 2000. I am the Founder, Director, President and unfortunately the only coach or instructor. Willie Ford is our former Vice President and Arvis Ford is our Treasurer. Willie has since passed away and Debra Moeller has stepped in to the role of Vice President.

My qualifications: I began going through US Rowing coaches education program and am currently a US Rowing level III rowing coach with current certificates in first aide and CPR, survival at sea, life saving and sea rescue, social responsibilities and risk management. I am a surfer and an excellent swimmer. None of these are required to be a rowing coach or to teach the sport at our rowing program. I voluntarily decided to invest in myself and my education as a coach. I served on the National HAVC committee for Adaptive Rowing for many years. I produced an instruction manual on how to start an adaptive rowing program and how to teach the disabled to row.

I began this program and ran it for many years with no volunteers. I purchased all of our boats, oars and incidentals. Maureen Nunn has supported our national team athletes and deserves recognition. Ron Harvey went in halves with me to purchase 1 double. John Callos from LBRA donated some lights for our program. LBRA donates space in the enclosure and we have bathroom privileges at the boathouse. They also have our launch hull cleaned with their launches. I purchased and maintain the motor launch from DMV registration to fuel to mechanical repairs. I have been financially responsible for all our operating and administrative costs including the race entry fees and website since the beginning with the exception of the few things I listed. We appreciate the Long Beach Rowing Association for what they do. I am remodeling a space at my house for some ergs and gym equipment for indoor rowing

Our mission is to provide instruction and training for competitive and recreational opportunities in the sport of rowing to physically and developmentally challenged individuals. Our participants do not have to be Olympic swimmers or elite athletes.

We schedule our rowing sessions for the convenience of LRBA, CSLB and Junior crew. They get the time slots they need and we get what is left over. That keeps traffic on the water and off to a minimum and seems to work well.

Volunteers and participants of all colors and orientations, all abilities and faiths are welcome in our program. I hope to create some interest in our sport for coaches, volunteers and participants. You may also see me running some coaching clinics, teaching people how to teach the sport to people with disabilities, working with some other college coaches and I will be training a new volunteer coordinator and new volunteers.

How we are funded: We had a pancake breakfast in 2007 which generated a small amount of money and I pay for and fund everything myself with my disability income. I also raised money for CARP when I rowed across the Atlantic and again when I rowed across the Indian Ocean. Donations were made for my ocean rowing project but I never withdrew the funds for expenses, instead I made purchase of a new boat for CARP. The Pride and Veterans Day parade, I enter my ocean rowing boat and provide continental breakfast in the staging area and manage to make a small amount at these events. When I do my public speaking presentations rather than collect a stipend or payment for myself I instruct the organizers of the events to make the check out to CARP. I pay my own expenses to travel to these events. I have netted enough in my last two speaking gigs to pay the insurance and keep us afloat yet another year.

I have been working to develop and make the sport available and attempting to change the way the World views disability and mobility impairments, one ocean crossing at a time! It has certainly had and will continue to have some great benefits for the disabled community but it has meant that I had to take leave from the rowing program and it is expensive.

I welcome ideas and assistance in fundraising and grant writing as these are not my areas of expertise. I will not be able to continue to fund the program by myself as I have in the past. I welcome and need volunteers and any help coaching and teaching. The Long Beach Rowing Association have been excellent hosts for our program over the years and we have been able to exist only because they offer us space.

I have started a small Collegiate Adaptive Rowing Model and it is generating interest in some of our local universities. I need new boats and equipment and new ergs/indoor rowing machines. We are in process of re doing the carp website but there is a PayPal donate button on this site that really does work. I have never asked for help and always just done everything by myself. I need some help!

The Ocean Rowing Boat and I will be at the Ablities Expo in Los Angeles April 9-11
I will be presenting at the Amazing Leaders Paralympic conference in Colorado the end of April beginning of May then leave for England. All happened rather quickly...

I am going on another rowing trip 2,010 miles in 2010 Help for Heroes is the race charity. Seagals | All girl team rowing 2010 miles around GB in June 2010 un supported around Great Britain. From the London Tower Bridge to the London Tower Bridge. I leave for England in May. Race starts June 1st and should take 30-45 days to complete. Anyone wanting to follow, support, endorse or promote this project can contact me in any of the following ways.

Angela Madsen Aka Msparasurfer on Skype Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and World Rowing Network
E:mail (562)434-8334

Our CARP rowing schedule: Monday and Wednesday night rows. 6:30-8:30 PM
Saturdays from 9:30-11:30AM
Cal State Long Beach Adaptive rowers now row on Friday mornings from 9:30-11:30.
Long Beach Veterans: will soon be scheduling
Team Silcock: Thursday 10:00 am – 12:00

Angela Madsen
Call me to schedule at (562) 434-8334 or e-mail me at

Msparasurfer on Skype, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and The World Rowing Network.

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