Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rowing Race Results-Day One 9/9/08

Rowing Race Results-Day One

Well…..Madsen and Brown came in 4th in their heat. Their split time was good at 2:10 but their final time of 4:29 was slower than they had been rowing in Philly. I have not actually seen the race as it was not broadcast by anyone providing coverage to the US. Have I mentioned the I love World Rowing http://www.worldrowing.com/index.php?pageid=17 They were very quick to get the results up and have the race schedule up for tomorrow as well. They were also the only rowing website to give RowofLife coverage. US Rowing only gave coverage of the non US competitors in the Atlantic Rowing Race, go figure.

So, what does all this mean……Angela and Scott (William Scott) are in lane 2 in the first TA2x race tomorrow at 16:20 Beijing Time (1:20am pacific time Wed morn). In their race are Canada, Australia, UK, and Israel. The first 2 boats go to Final A and the 3rd boat goes to Final B and the others go home.

Other team notes……Ron Harvey came in 4th in his race, Laura Schwanger came in 1st in her race and has earned a place in the finals!, and the US LTA Coxed 4 came in 3rd.

Apparently www.universalsports.com has highlights of the games. I am watching the latest, but it is only from the morning and all I have seen so far is swimming, lots of swimming. Maybe later we will get a little rowing.


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