Sunday, September 7, 2008

Beijing Update 9/7/08 by Deb

Beijing Update by Debbie

Just a little update. It does not look like the rowing is going to be televised in this country, even on the web. The two places that are broadcasting on the web are and . The Universal sports site has events you can see on demand, after the fact, along with some as they are being shown. The opening ceremonies can be seen on Universal Sports as an on demand feature. I watched the Opening Ceremonies live on BBC announcers commentated the coverage. When the US team walked by they cut to the crowd to show fans waving flags rather than showing the athletes. I was saddened. I was able to pick Scott Brown out of the wheelchair athletes, but not Angela. She told me that she is just in front of Scott. I am going to watch the replay on Universal Sports to see if I can see more of the athletes. I started and did note that the commentary appears to be done by US commentators. I am hoping that their video coverage will be more athlete focused.

The Rowing events will start at midnight (Pacific Standard Time) Monday night/Tuesday morning for 3 nights. The Rowing finals will be starting at midnight (PST) Wednesday night/Thursday morning. I am now looking for coverage in a foreign country. The BBC is broadcasting, but only in the UK. I will probably tune into Paralympic Sport TV and hope they broadcast. I am going to shoot them some emails and hope for the best.

Angela is doing well. The rooms are nice. The cafeteria is open 24 hours. They have physical therapy staff that is providing daily massages. She has wireless internet in her room and has been able to communicate with me on Skype. Angela looks on Skype hoping to find friends on that she can call. You can find her on Skype by searching by her email address, . You can also email her. After she rows, she plans to start going to other events. She looks forward to seeing some of her friends play wheelchair basketball. The team is coming home on the 19th of September.

Angela is sending me the daily news for the US Paralympics’ team. You can look at it by looking at the following link

RowofLife Journey-YouTube Video by Sageweb