Monday, February 4, 2008

LA Times! Susannah Rosenblatt, You Rock!

LA Times! Susannah Rosenblatt, You Rock!
02/04/08-By Debbie, RowofLife Land Support from Antigua

Okay, well before I give up the link…..All I got to say is……BOY ABOUT TOWN Angela spent an endless number of hours trying to get a little local and national media coverage for her RowofLife, without success. Boy About Town, who by the way has never actually even met Angela, responded to my request for help in publicizing this Epic Adventure. Who knew that getting publicity would be more of an adventure than the row itself? Two differently-abled people ROWING across the Atlantic Ocean, should be a snap, NOT! Anyway, after conversing with Boy and him checking out CARP (Angela’s rowing program), he took on our project for a small fee-NOTHING! If fact he has spent a lot of his own money to get this publicity push off the ground. (We should also thank Ruben, who has had to live through all this, and has been Boy’s unpaid foot soldier, in between his two other jobs- Need to buy or sell a house, contact Ruben At any rate, since Boy has been on the job, Angela has spoken via sat phone to several reporters. There have been articles in the Grunion Gazette and now the LA Times. The Blade Magazine has talked to her. She is going to be on the Sonny Bozeman Show Boy your are an amazing publicity getter.

Boy About Town is organizing and hosting at welcome home party for Angela at Primes in Long Beach on 02/22/08 at 5:30PM. The capacity is limited (look people I’m not rich!) for the meet and greet featuring snacks and a no host bar. Anyone can make reservations for Dinner at Primes, after the meet and greet, and still get to meet and greet because Angela and I will be staying for Dinner. You too can watch Angela eat one of her first meals back in California (just don’t look at me while I am eating). So RSVP to Boy or request dinner reservations at

OK and now what you have all been waiting for…….the link to “Pulling past limits and across the Atlantic” By Susannah Rosenblatt,1,3236527.story?page=2&cset=true&ctrack=1

PS: More from Antigua later….I gotta jump in the shower. Franck’s Dad is coming to get me for coffee at 9am and I don’t speak French, so I don’t know how to tell him to hold on! It has been a quiet few days……Parleyy pew Francine? I clearly don’t get it.



Boy About Town LB said...

Thank you for the shout out! The whole story is so crazy...we should write a book! Deb, you are such a amazing woman and if I ever go off on a trip around the world I want you as my back up!

Allen said...

saw the times today...great story! (we also wondered where was boy?) we will be there to meet all of you! said...

Boy-Angela has a book almost written. She will probably need some promo help. She might be able to pay off some of the credit card debt if it sells.

Allen-I was very sad to see the omission of Boy in the article. It could not have been possible without him. He has been more helpful than anyone to get all this going. I am indebted to him for a very long time. I am so excited for Angela to meet all these new friends. She had so little support when she left and now there are lots of people hooked on the dot.

The Realtor of Long Beach said...

Thanks Deb for recognizing my anguish (LOL), it is an honor helping out and YES Boy is pretty amazing at getting things done (thank GOD) :)!!! We missed you last night; we were doing are routine bagging. Hurry home!!!

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