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02/01/08—Debbie, RowofLife Land Support

Small little island southeast of Puerto Rico and North of a bunch of other little islands. Atlantic Ocean on the east, Caribbean Sea on the west. Mosquitoes that appear small but can bite like a small yapper dog. I have many mosquito bites on my ankles, but none really above my knees. One can of Off, $22EC

They use the Eastern Caribbean Dollar here. Finally I am traveling somewhere the exchange rate is better than the US Dollar, but things cost 3 times as much, double shot of espresso and a croissant $18. I am going to town today to look for a coffee maker and fan. It is 28C degrees here most of the time. No air in my room, so I am hoping for some circulation.

I rented a car here, thinking that it would be easier for Angela to get around in a car rather than depending on buses or taxis. Wheelchairs seem to cause those drivers a lot of stress. I had planned to get to Antigua before dark, but it was not to be. I was flying the Caribbean airline, Liat, and they were not really in a hurry. The Avis man was in a hurry, so he was gone by the time I got to the airport. I did find someone that would call Avis man who did finally came back to the Airport to present me my car. I ordered a standard size SUV, which in Antigua talk means a very small boxy little car; oh and the steering wheel is on the passenger side of the car. Apparently, they expect that you will drive your car on the wrong side of the road. Ok well, it was only 15 miles to my room, so I can handle that. I got directions and a map from the Avis man; “piece of cake,” I thought. There are not that many roads in Antigua…… well, I discovered there are not many marked roads that are on the map and there are lots of roads that turn to dirt that aren’t on the map. It is hard to turn around when the steering wheel is on the wrong side. Two hours later, I arrived at my room. I went to 3 of the 4 sides of the island; I nearly hit 3 cows, 15 goats, 5 donkeys and at least a hundred dogs. I am sure it is beautiful when it is light outside. I only turned onto the wrong side of the road once, thanks to two way roads. Tips….windshield wipers on the left side of the steering wheel, turn signal on the right side, seat belt right side, brake left side/gas on the right (thank goodness).

Well at least I won’t have to be alone here long. They were due in on the 3rd, well at least until the whole fleet of Atlantic Rowing Race boats came to a halt, due to weather. Some boats actually lost miles yesterday. So I accepted our 28 miles with a smile and revised the arrival date to 2/7. We are actually doing well. Komale was 101 miles ahead of us on 1/29 and now they are only 23 miles ahead of us. We passed Jaydubyoo (JW) and Ocean Summit yesterday. I spoke to Angela this morning and she was very upbeat. She said the weather is supposed to change to bad, but better than they are currently experiencing. Think good thoughts for some west winds.

I am picking up Franck’s father at the airport tonight. Angela and Franck have to hurry, his father only speaks French. Do you think it will help to speak to him in Spanish?

On the home front, Anita Coyoli-Cullen, is working on a welcoming at LAX when Angela returns on 02/20/08. Anita has is working to get our troops overseas Ukuleles, check out her website at This is one way to support the troops even if you don’t like the war.

The FABULOUS Boy About Town is working on a fantastic meet and greet at Primes Restaurant in Long Beach with a no host bar. If you plan to stay for dinner, you should call and make reservations; be sure to tell them that you are there with Boy About Town or Angela Madsen. I hear the food is amazing and Boy has already made Angela and I reservations. Go to Boy’s website for more details and don’t forget to subscribe to his newsletter. It is full of Fabulous goings on. It should also be noted that Boy met with the ever helpful Julie at the UPS store on 7th and Redondo, to make up invitations for the grand event. Contact Julie at

Well off to the “big” city of St John to find a fan and some power tools. I knew I should have packed my screw gun! Orlando and Ben of Go Commando were kind enough to help me with instructions on how to build a cradle for the boat to be shipped.


PS: I am not answering phone calls in Antigua, nor have I been able to get my messages. It is $2.50 a minute, according to ATT. You can email me or call me on Skype- debmole

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